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Kids and Education


  Welcome to Our Education Section!

       We are non-profit organization and work towards raising monies to buy curriculums and books for school children with financial needs for curriculums.

       If you are in need of help for  curriculum and would like to post a wanted help for curriculum on our

Classifieds section do so.  

Home schooling or home school (also called home education or home learning)

 is the education of children at home, typically by parents or professional tutors, rather than in a public or private school.

Although prior to the introduction of compulsory school attendance laws, most childhood education occurred within the family or community, home schooling in the modern sense is an alternative in developed countries to formal education.

In many places home schooling is a legal option for parents who wish to provide their children with a different learning environment than exists in nearby schools. The motivations for home schooling range from a dissatisfaction with the schools in their area to the dissatisfaction of modern schools in general. It is also an alternative for families living in isolated rural locations and those who choose, for practical or personal reasons, not to have their children attend school.

Lay the Foundation. Your reasons for deciding to home school will lay the foundation for your entire home-schooling experience. Why are you making this decision? a desire for a better education? greater influence on character/discipline? Finding a home-schooling method which is right for your family will involve some experimenting. Home education is a work in progress.

Be Informed. Read books about home schooling. Select ideas that support your philosophical foundation and that will help you meet your educational goals. To join an online discussion group

Know your pupils, your children. Seek methods of teaching which will play to their learning styles and interests while bolstering the areas in which they are weak.

Learn what your school authorities require. Go to the Home School Legal Defense Association or write (HSLDA, P.O. Box 159, Paeonian Springs, VA 22129, [540-338-5600]) for information on how to comply with the state laws. OIf you are a member and your home-school rights are threatened, HSLDA's home-school attorneys will represent you. Or visit and click on the home school defense link.

Join a Support Group. Attend home-school support group meetings in your area. Look for one in which your children can participate in group activities and socialization. You may visit more than one to find the right size or style; you may even decide to develop your own small group with several other families.

Create an Education-Friendly Home. Begin to gather resources and prepare space for your home school. Set up an area to begin teaching and learning. Some suggested items are a table/desk, bookcase, storage space for supplies, computer, map/globe, dictionary, thesaurus, field guides, nature books, good reading material, encyclopedias, educational games, paper, pencils, and art materials.

Select Curriculum and Develop Goals. A curriculum is not only books; it is all the things used to meet your goals. It needs to be appropriate for your children's abilities. There are many different criteria used in selecting materials.

Set goals that will help your students develop an intrinsic love for learning and inspire creativity in four major areas: academics, character building, service, and work. True home schooling is not patterned after traditional public education. It integrates practical skills with aspects of education.

Develop Discipline and Earn Respect. Be consistent leaders. As role models for your children, give them cause to respect you. Children feel more secure and less frustrated when they know who is in control.

The golden rule should be the basis of all rules. Rules should be few and reasonable; they should include obedience, courtesy, and safety. Children need to know what is expected.

Develop Order. Get your self a calendar and write proposed ideas to teach on certain days.

Be Enthusiastic! Children learn attitudes from parents. If you are happy, interested, and excited about what you are teaching, they will be happy about learning. Many parents declare they learn more than the children during their first year of home teaching.

Trust the Work of the Holy Spirit. One parent observed in her church a family whose children seemed very well-mannered, bright, and helpful to young and old alike. They were cheerful, willing to do their best, and respectful. When they entered those difficult teen years, these children grew to be even more responsible.

  Believe In Your Child!

A great piece of advice I got was when I started home schooling was believe in your child.

  I looked at the difficulty of the work that was required for my 2 girls and   I thought of how difficult this will be.

  But I just took the learning processes step by step and now they are learning and retaining the information as great strides.

 I believed that they could do the work and they did.  My confidence in them made them believe they could do it if they try their best.!

Home Schooling Tips:

Kids learn in different ways and at their own pace.

So figure out their learning style and rejoice in their learning. Stop comparing them to a preconceived notion of having to learn XYZ by a certain grade or age.

You are going to be with them a lot and you will know what they know and what they don't know right away. No need to worry that they will graduate missing something essential.

Remember that what works for one family (or one child) may not work for another.

Be flexible.

Never allow school to interfere with your education. (That came from Mark Twain, I believe.)


Remember a little “love”

           and   “encouragement” can go a long way!

Image the possibilities!  With your guidance your  love your child can go on to do great things.

Be a Teacher, Be a friend, Be a counselor, Home School Your Children!

Make a new friend today!  

Smile and others will smile with you!  

Make the world a better place by recycling old plastic bags.  Use them for shipping.  Line small trash cans.  Clean out kitties litter box.

Encourage someone to enjoy life!  

Make Someone laugh today!

Take the time to say a kind word to someone in need.  

Call your parents or your brother or sister,  Tell them you miss them.  

Teach your children to be kind to the elderly knowing that one day you will grow older and cherish that Love.

Most of all be kind to all who you meet, because you may be entertaining angels unaware...?

Please make a donation of any amount.  

Your gift of giving is appreciated.